Our Vision
Why we decided to establish Fondazione Cotarella
Dominga Cotarella

The Foundation was also born from a personal experience of mine that touched me closely as a mother. As a child, my son Riccardo was diagnosed with a rheumatic disease. When I asked him what I could do to help him, what I could create that would provide him with a source of distraction from that situation, the answer was “Amusement Park”; being a difficult project to combine with the family business, Fattoria Tellus was born in that period. Over time, however, I wanted to add something, something that could also help other people who were going through a difficult time. My son will probably want to remember his experience with a tattoo, but nothing happens by chance: a friend of Riccardo had shown eating difficulties and this is how the idea of ​​the Foundation was born. I think that the Foundation project is my way of not forgetting and helping those who have to face a dark moment, a hardship, an illness such as eating disorders.

``Going further`` with Fondazione Cotarella
Marta Cotarella

With this new project, we wanted to share ideas and successful processes from which to draw inspiration and new enthusiasm, which we never lack! It is important for us to “give back” what we have received because we know that we have been privileged to grow up in a healthy family environment and in a rich area, with people who have given us so much. Thanks to Intrecci, I have learnt how important it is to focus on young people, which is why we want to encourage discussion and the possibility for everyone to get in touch with our Foundation.

Local connections
Enrica Cotarella

The Foundation is inextricably linked to the many special projects I am doing in Umbria and Lazio, such as the one on Tuscia and Civita di Bagnoregio. For example, for the association, La Casa del Vento di Bagnoregio, I created labels (I take care of the creative side of the company) and half of the proceeds from the sale of some of the bottles will be donated to Civita for social projects. For the Christmas party at Fattoria Tellus, I also involved the Juppiter association with a Christmas market to raise funds and a concert by its special youngsters. With the Foundation, I want to continue to do my best to support our area and those who need a smile.

Aims and uniqueness of Fondazione Cotarella
Ruggero Parrotto

“Feeding on life”. It will be our guiding thread, our compass. Because we feed on food, but also on affection, relationships, knowledge, experiences, listening. Because we are constantly looking to give meaning, value and significance to our choices and to our daily life. To do our part and achieve our goals, we will try to collect means and economic resources, but also relationships, presence, availability and networks. The Farm, the Academy and the Research Centre will be the Foundation’s places where children, young people, parents, educators, teachers, managers and health workers will be able to experience “knowing”: “knowing how to do” and “knowing how to be”. The beauty of awareness.

Intervention scenarios
Prevention and treatment of eating disorders
Established on 17 April 2021 in Orvieto on the initiative of Marta, Dominga and Enrica Cotarella, Fondazione Cotarella promotes nutrition education for all ages, with a focus on the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.
Nature, tradition and roots
The relationship with nature is fundamental in the process towards food awareness and healing, as well as the rediscovery of traditions and roots.
Balanced development and nutrition education
The Foundation intends to promote the balanced development of the person (not only children, but also young people, adolescents and their parents) and the knowledge of the importance of proper nutrition education in the most significant contexts of people's lives, including family, school and workplace.
Through specific activities, the Foundation will guide the motivations behind disordered and non-functional food choices in the right direction; it will promote a culture of healthy parenting, capable of educating by example and able to recognise, accept and correct dysfunctions and toxic or harmful habits; it will support the creation of experiences to support and restore a conscious and balanced relationship with food.

On Tellus Farm, you can ...

  • Allow children and adolescents to immerse themselves in nature and to take part in, together with others, experiences of extraordinary simplicity.
  • Learn how to recognise flowers, trees, plants, vegetables and fruit. And take care of them.
  • Have experiences with animals. Learn how to approach them, how to play with them and how to feed them. Dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, bees and cows
  • Learn how to prepare food. And preserve it. Discover how water, oil, heat, fire, cold and ice are used.
  • Learn how to use wood, leaves and grass. Learn how to weave the branches. Learn how to recognise and respect smells, flavours and moulds. Learn how to recognise mushrooms.
  • Visit the vineyards and the olive groves. Participate in the grape and olive harvests. Spend time in the cellar and the oil mill.
  • Learn how to walk in the countryside and woods and how to orient yourself. Learn to respect the weather. Learn to use your physical energy. To respect tiredness.
  • Learn to stop. Learn to rest and then begin again.

Intervention scenarios
Intervention scenarios
Intervention scenarios
Intervention scenarios
Intervention scenarios

Connection with the land

Fondazione Cotarella was born from the earth: a fertile, hard, procreative place. A place that requires patience and vision, commitment and respect, determination and trust. The earth, with its codes, its languages, its laws, its uncertainties, its pace and its time. It was founded in a special region, Umbria, on the border with upper Lazio, at a crossroads of traditions and symbols that history requires us to recognise and pass on. It was established by a family who are deeply tied to their land.

Let's start together!
Cotarella Foundation deals with charity projects guaranteeing transparency, reaching solidarity objectives and development of the territory. The Foundation needs your support to grow step by step to together.  Find out how to give your help. Every smallest contribution is important!