Our Mission

In order to promote and support lifestyles, habits, studies and treatments based on a healthy, balanced diet in harmony with Nature, Fondazione Cotarella is involved in numerous extraordinary initiatives, some of which are already underway, while others will take on body and soul thanks to the commitment of promoters and the trust of supporters:

Education, instruction and professional training activities

Meetings, conferences and in-depth courses on the theme of food education, first preventive intervention to protect health and physical harmony.

Experiential workshops
Production and creation of dishes and recipes that enhance the qualities of the raw materials and the importance of a more or less appropriate use of food and all the ways of preparing it.
Support for the environment
Measures and services aimed at preserving and improving the condition of the environment and the prudent and rational utilisation of natural resources.
Cultural, artistic or recreational activities
Organisation and management of cultural, artistic or recreational events of social interest.
Social farming
Initiatives to recover the social value of agricultural activity. Therapeutic use of farm activities conducted in accordance with ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability.
Scientific research
Promotion of studies of particular social interest in order to develop projects and activities for treatment and awareness-raising, in collaboration with universities, hospital institutions, schools, associations and companies.
Let's start together!
Cotarella Foundation deals with charity projects guaranteeing transparency, reaching solidarity objectives and development of the territory. The Foundation needs your support to grow step by step to together.  Find out how to give your help. Every smallest contribution is important!