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Our Vision
Fondazione Cotarella was born from a dream: to make the world a better place by helping people rediscover their relationship with food, nature, the changing seasons and animals. A dream that combines the values of the past with the challenges of innovation. A dream that gives a voice to the needs of the youngest members of society, and not only that, of the most vulnerable and least fortunate. A dream that also seeks to offer an opportunity to those who are caught up in their daily commitments and end up forgetting and underestimating the importance of a healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle, choices that can influence the well-being of a person and, therefore, of a community.
Our Mission
Fondazione Cotarella's aim is to create projects that allow many individuals, teenagers and families to reconnect with nature and to learn to appreciate, love and respect it in a way we have forgotten to do. Projects promoting a balanced diet from childhood onwards and contributing to the continuation of scientific research and studies in the field of agri-foodstuffs, territorial development projects, innovative models aimed at redeveloping rural areas and creating intelligent villages, rehabilitation and care projects.
The Sites
Fondazione Cotarella has been established and operates in a special region, namely Umbria, on the border with northern Lazio, at a crossroads of traditions and landmarks that history requires us to recognise and pass on.
Tellus Farm, an inclusive integrated farm that hosts activities and experiences dedicated to food and nature.
The Experiential Residences that will welcome people who need to rediscover themselves and a more balanced relationship with the environment and food.
The Training School
The Observatory and Research Centre reserved for in-depth studies on the topic of nutrition and related disorders.
About us
The idea for Fondazione Cotarella stems from the passion and determination of three women, Dominga, Marta and Enrica Cotarella, the third generation of the Cotarella family, which has been a well-known and respected name in the world of high-quality wines since 1979. Supported in this great project by Ruggero Parrotto, the Foundation's General Manager, the Cotarella sisters are enlisting the help of experts, technicians and professionals to give life and continuity to the projects.
Let's start together!
Cotarella Foundation deals with charity projects guaranteeing transparency, reaching solidarity objectives and development of the territory. The Foundation needs your support to grow step by step to together.  Find out how to give your help. Every smallest contribution is important!